Phylo Bioscience™ was established in 2018 at Unit DX in Bristol. Our primary focus is the translation of host-microbiome research into accurate, practical and personalised clinical microbiome analysis for the global community of healthcare providers. We are a team whose expertise spans molecular microbiology, neuroscience, immunology and pharmacy. Our understanding of the need to explore host responses to the microbiome in health and disease shaped the development of the laboratory and the diagnostic profiles we provide.

We have developed diagnostic tests that analyse the bacterial, viral and fungal communities of multiple human microbiomes, in conjunction with key host immunological and inflammatory markers. These profiles allow for a deeper understanding of host-microbiome interactions, which we believe are key to health and the remission of disease.

Phylo Bioscience™ laboratory also conducts novel therapeutic research into microbiome-based medicine, and acts as a contract service for clinical research.